Register your loans and financing into Brazil's Central Bank

Remessa OnLine has just turned your Registering of Financial Operation simpler! We offer you an specialized service which will simplify transactions with Brazil. Contact us to start having a complete support on all steps of your process.

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What's RDE-ROF stands for?

Brazilian Companies obtaining Foreign Loans, Import or Export Financing, International Services payments for both Individuals or Companies abroad

We unlock Brazil for you and your company

We create a simple way doing business (Loans, Trade Finance, Service and others) with Brazil.

Prioritize what is really important for your company

Leave all the rest with us! We have a dedicated team with specialization to support your Company Investments onboarding on a Legal and technical perspectives.

Save time with safe

We support your deal or business registration in a quickest way. In a few days you'll start dealing with RDE-ROF in a legal perspective.

How do we support your Business

CADEMP (Brazil's Central Bank Company ID registration) and RDE-ROF (Declaration and Electronic registration of Financial transactions)

No further complications! We deal with the registration of your Company ID within CADEMP in a fast and agile way on a Brazil Central Bank legislation stand point.

ROF or RDE Event's registration ("event" stands for a standarized information that has to be inserted in order to create the repayment schedules)

Each new transation (for example an FX transaction regarding Disbursement) has a consecutively "event" registration within SISBACEN. We provide you the control and even the registration of such "events" optimizing time and costs for your company. Call now for a wider explanation on this process!

Specialized Consulting Services

We offer your company a Especializaed Consulting Services regarding RDE-ROF. Call now or send us your details and start eliminating the bureacracy on your daily transactions. We remove your burden for you to keep focusing on what really matters: Your business!

What we can do

  • RDE "regularization (fixing previous misregistration)
  • Repayment schedules monitoring
  • Tax payments control
  • Any other business related to the FX Celebration

We can do much more about the RDE-ROF. Call us now and find out what we can do for your business!

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More about the RDE-ROF

What RDE stands for?

RDE or Electronic Declaration's Registry is a Brazil's Central Bank submodule within SISBACEN that record and manages all the Foreign Capitals into Brazil. Thru this system all the Investments, Loans ans Services (inbound / outbound) Capital Investments and Brazilian Capital abroad as well are registered.

What RDE-ROF stands for?

Financial deals or ROF stands for transactions whereby Brazilian companies has to repay(Loans, Financing) companies abroad.

When RDE-ROF is required to?

  • Simple rents
  • Long tenor (> 360 days) equipment rental and vessel's chartering
  • Long tenor (> 360 days) repayment of acquisition of intangible assets
  • Long tenor (> 360 days) external financial leasing
  • Loans on both local or foreign currencies, raised directly or through bonds
  • Long tenor (>360 days) Import financing
  • Technology Financing
  • Franchise
  • Guarantees provided by international organizations
  • Imports of goods without foreign exchange hedges destined to the payment of capital in companies receiving foreign direct investment
  • License of exploitation or assignment of patent
  • License for use or assignment of trademark
  • Any modality that has to be annotated by the INPI
  • Export Prepayments
  • Technical assistance's services
  • Complementary technical services and / or expenses related to operations registered by INPI. For the record

What CADEMP stands for?

CADEMP is a subprogram within SISBACEN (Brazil´s Central Bank system) that records Companies and Individual's operations related to Foreign Capital. It is valid and utilized for both local and foreign company or individuals.

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