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The RDE-IED is a mandatory registration for foreign capital entering Brazil. You, foreign investor, can count on our team to help you in every step of the process.

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Who needs RDE-IED?

Brazilian companies planning on receiving investments from companies, investment funds, LLCs, or any other type of foreign entity.

We make Brazil easy

We enable the availability of your resourses to Brazilian businesses, may it be a capital raise, or any other transfer between foreign and local companies.

Focus on what matters

Leave the rest with us. We have a dedicated team to help you and your business in all legal and other related matters.

Enjoy time and safety

We register your business or investment in Brazil in record time. In just a few days you'll be able to launch your fully compliant local operation.

How we can help your company

CADEMP, RDE-IED and CNPJ - Your company registered in Brazil

Complications a part! We register your company in an agile and fully compliant manner. The mandatory Central Bank Eletronic Registration (RDE-IED) enables the income of your investments in Brazil according with the rules established by the Central Bank. We also help you with your company's non resident ID (CNPJ). Prices may vary.

Average time 1 business day

RDE-IED update

The Braziilian Central Bank demands that the RDE is updated after every income, or outcome of capital from Brazil. The updated is registered once the currency exchange takes place. Prices may vary.

Specialized consulting

For other instances such as portability, or RDE regularization, we offer a taylor-made consulting and advisory service. We take care of all aspects related to fixing old registrations and updates. Be worry free! We'll make your firm compliant with the Brazilian Central Bank and legislation.

Let's make business in Brazil!

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More about the RDE-IED

What Foreign Exchange stands for?

Electronic statements recorded into SISBACEN (Brazil's Central Bank system) to enable the control of foreign capital operations in Brazil. This type of registration is mandatory for all Brazilian companies having foreign capital in exchange of Share Capital.

What RDE stands for?

"RDE", or Electronic Declaratory Registration, is a Brazil´s Central Bank subsystem of records for all Foreign Capital. It suits possible to register the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in a company, Financial Operations (ROF), Portfolio Investments (PORTFOLIO) and Brazilian Capitals Abroad (CBE).

Whats RDE-IED stands for?

The meaning of the acronym IED is: Foreign Direct Investment. They are investments in foreign currency made in Brazil.

When the RDE-IED is necessary?

  • Initial Investment
  • Capital Net Worth's update
  • Capital Injection
  • Capital Reduction
  • Cash Dividends / Dividend Payments
  • Payment on Interest of Own Capital
  • Share Acquisitions or Share Participation
  • Equity participation or Sale
  • Winding up, Capital Return or Liquidation

What CADEMP stands for?

It is the software of Central Bank of Brazil for business registration of businesses who want to invest or send money to a company. It's valid for both residents and non-residents in Brazil.

More about Foreign Direct Investment

While Brazil's legislation is being improved in terms of flexibilities to the Total Foreign Ownership of local companies (giving the spectrum of bringing investments to the country) there are still some exception for certain areas, which includes:

  • Financial institutions
  • Airlines, Aerospace industries and Activities involving nuclear energy
  • Health services
  • Rural and border real estate properties
  • Newspapers, magazines, radio and television
  • Security
  • Others

A detailed restriction list and also the requirements investing in Brazil shall be obtained via our webchat.

Registration and Maintenance of Foreign Direct Investment / Foreign Capital in Brazil

According to the Brazil Central Bank's requirements, all Foreign Direct Investment and Foreign Capital in Brazil must be Pre Registered via a declaratory and electronically form in the corresponding modules of the Electronic Statement Registration - RDE, with the Central Bank Information System (“SISBACEN”) in the foreign currency in which the funds actually entered into Brazil or, in situations under the laws in force, in domestic currency.

In this sense, the RDE number and the updating of the information contained in the registration are requirements for any fund transactions with abroad as a preceded requirement.

Some information required, such as:

I – the RDE-IED number and the accreditation itself into SISBACEN
II – the provision of information of the parties, residents and non-residents involved in the operation and their representatives in the Registry of Physical Persons and Legal Entities - International Capital (“CADEMP”)

Periodically, all RDE must be updated with fresh information on Capital adjustments and consecutive Balance Sheet's statements.

Albeit simple (at least in a local perspective), this may seem complicated, thus Let Us Working for You!

What CADEMP stands for?

It is the software of Central Bank of Brazil for business registration of businesses who want to invest or send money to a company. It's valid for both residents and non-residents in Brazil.


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